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1) I love the green on this ’68 Mosrite. It has great tone, butter-smooth action, a great whammy bar, and really hot pickups.
2) When I got this ’53 Telecaster, it really set me free. It was my main guitar from ’75 to the mid ’80s. When I got it, it had hardly any neck wear; that’s all from me. I just played the hell out of it. When Fender was getting into the reissues, they used that guitar’s neck as the template.
3) An exquisite Epiphone Sheraton, 1964 or ’65, with mini humbuckers, which I think were the greatest pickups Gibson ever made. I wanted one of these ever since I hung around with Amos Garrett in Woodstock.
4) I always had a fascination with the Guild Duane Eddy model, but of course, once I started playing with Duane, I really had to have one. It’s basically like a Starfire 6, but with one cutaway. It’s an original one, but I wish it was an earlier model with the D’Armonds, instead of the humbuckers.

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