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4) I always had a fascination with the Guild Duane Eddy model, but of course, once I started playing with Duane, I really had to have one. It’s basically like a Starfire 6, but with one cutaway. It’s an original one, but I wish it was an earlier model with the D’Armonds, instead of the humbuckers.
5) Duke Robillard used this Epiphone Emperor Regent Deluxe on the Hot Licks video he did for me, and I made him swear to me that he’d sell it to me one day. It’s a ’51, and Duke had replaced the original low-output Epiphone pickups with mini humbuckers.
6) I bought this ’52 gold-top in 1967 at Eddie Bell’s guitar store on 59th Street. Right away, of course, I replaced the trapeze tailpiece. I played it at one of Les Paul’s birthday gatherings at the Iridium, and he autographed it for me. I always wanted the matching Les Paul amp with the bakelite “LP,” and I got one from George Gruhn.

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