CE Distribution US Distributor of GOTOH Pickups


CE Distribution, the leader in wholesale parts distribution for guitars and amplifiers has been appointed US distributor for GOTOH Pickups. For decades, Gotoh has been supplying high quality pickups to guitar manufacturers across the globe. From the classic MIJ vintage era to modern favorites, Gotoh pickups are very popular and are instrumental in getting great sound for many guitars. The years of experience and exceptional craftsmanship built into these Japanese pickups make them an excellent choice for any guitarist.
Classic Gotoh Pickups are all fashioned with Alnico magnets. Careful technique is used to wax pot these pickups to ensure stability at all levels of amplification. Gotoh Pickups utilize vintage-style materials and vintage winding standards. Whether installing in a new guitar, upgrading an old set, or looking to explore new sounds, the value and quality of Gotoh Pickups offer an authentic experience for everyone.
CE Distribution has been supplying music stores, repair shops, and OEMs for twenty years. CE offers the most extensive variety of products for guitar and guitar amps and is known for honesty, quality, availability, same-day shipping, and excellent customer service.
Whether you are building, repairing electronic gear, or reselling parts, CE Distribution is your partner in supplying the parts you need. Music stores, repair shops and OEMs can contact CE Distribution at (480)755-4712 or visit www.cedist.com. To order from CE Distribution, you must be a pre-registered wholesale business; for retail sales, contact Amplified Parts at amplifiedparts.com.

GOTOH Pickups