Vox Ships AC4TVmini


The new new Vox AC4TVmini is based on the AC4 from the 1960s. An all-tube practice amp, it has been factory-modded with a premium transformer and select component.

This up-to-date Class A version retains the distinctive EL84 power tube of the original and features a 12AX7 preamp tube, plus an original Vox design 6.5" speaker. Adjusting the volume and tone settings can create a broad range of tones – from a sweet, clean sound to the distinctive VOX overdrive sound. Stylish, clean and classic, the AC4TVmini borrows its retro-chic "TV" front styling from the classic 1958 AC15. This vintage Vox design is still in use on today’s AC15HTV from the Vox Heritage Collection.

The attenuator switch allows the AC4TVmini’s output power to be set at four Watts, one Watt or even one-tenth of a Watt. This convenient and ear-saving feature allows the amp to create a real, musically satisfying distortion – even at the lowest power setting. An external speaker jack is also provided for connecting to the user’s favorite cabinet.

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