Twang Dragons – Love Junkie

Love Junkie

Twang Dragons
Love Junkie
It’s hard not to love a record that starts with guitars twangin’ and slidin’ and the line, “I’ve got an ass pocket full of whiskey.” Not only that, the second verse of “Get In (Or Get Out of the Way)” starts with, “We got Jerry Reed on the 8-track.”

Tommy Dixon, who wrote those lines, also plays guitar and proves adept at various styles of country. He’s obviously a Tele guy, as “Drinkin’ About You” readily displays with country boogie full of killer bends, double-stops, and the kind of behind-the-nut magic that screams Telecaster. Dixon and the band, which features Lisa Hannon on vocals, get to show their skills at other forms of Americana music, too. “Quiver” is the kind of pop-country that’s about as radio friendly as can be, with Dixon’s fine leads and guest pedal steel from Mike Soffa. “Cliché” is a honky-tonk killer with a very funny lyrical jab at those who stereotype people who play country music. “Pennies” supplies more twangin’ – so much that Dixon makes note before the song hits stride, announcing, “I never play the chords in this song!” And he’s right. But he plays everything else with fills and solos pushing the song along. This is country the way it should be played.

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