Gibson Collector’s Vault

Heavyweight bodyguard for your rock stars!
Heavyweight bodyguard for your rock stars!

Can you truly put a price tag on peace of mind? For guitar collectors, the answer often is “No,” because like many other increasingly valuable collectibles, vintage guitars cannot be replaced.

So it is that we record, photograph, catalog, and insure our collections so that if they’re stolen, we’ll have as much info as we can possibly lend Johnny Law and the guitar community to aid in the recovery of our stuff.

But what if the unspeakable happened? What if one’s house was destroyed? If you keep your guitars at home, and they’re particularly valuable, you might want to consider one of the security solutions unveiled at this year’s winter NAMM show.

Gibson’s String and Original Equipment Division Collector’s Vault is 900 pounds worth of serious peace of mind. At 60″ high, 40″ wide, and 28″ deep, the Vault is rated to provide 1,200 degrees of fire protection for 30 minutes – certification included.

But unlike a standard safe, this one offers deeeeluxe velvet-soft accommodations for up to nine guitars, complete with interior lighting, electronic dehumidifier, and a drawer for documentation (insurance records, etc.), all in a high-gloss black finish with silkscreened Gibson logo.
While modern safes typically employ keypad lock/entry systems, the Vault sports a classic-look heavy-duty tumbler combination lock chosen for its aesthetic appeal. Underwriters Laboratories gives it a burglary rating of “residential security container.”

Gibson’s price includes “tailgate delivery” to a ground floor location. A power dolly is required, so if you plan to use the vault somewhere other than the ground floor, the customer has to make necessary arrangements.

Insurance is one thing, but vintage guitars are irreplaceable. The Gibson Collector’s Vault offers peace of mind beyond “replacement cost,” and gives the serious collector an option beyond the piece of paper that is an insurance policy.

Gibson Collector’s Vault
Type of Safe: Steel reinforced, fireproof, residential security container.
Features: Continuous 10-gauge steel construction, two inner layers of 1/2″ sheetrock, tungsten steel drill-proof lock bolt, punch-proof cam-driven bolt, heavy-duty punch-proof tumbler combination lock, internal safety release.
Price: $5,500.
Contact: Gibson, 657 Massman Drive, Nashville, TN 37210, (615) 871-9585,

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