Guitarlington – 2017

Guitarlington – 2017

Check out these photos from the 2017 Guitarlington show!

Three nice lookin’ Fenders!
Drew Berlin picked up this amazing white ‘60 ES-345 Gibson today at Guitarlington
Check out these Customs!!!!
Martin D-420
Knight “600 Series” Tube Checker
’59 Fender Tweed Case
A rainbow of PRS Guitars
Welcome to Taylor Street!
’68 Paisley Fender
Ted Kornblum from Magnatone picked up this Vintage ‘59 “The Skipper” Natural Model 1159 with Johnny Smith’s signature and serial number written inside.
Rick Hogue from Garrett Park with a ’71 Fender Strat
’50 Broadcaster
Nate Westgor from Willie’s American Guitars with a ’34 Martin.
Gear, gear and more gear!
Pair of Flying V’s!
A beautiful variety of Fenders.
’37 National
Marshall Amps

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