Paul “Mayo” Mayasich

Paul “Mayo” Mayasich


The latest from guitarist Paul Mayasich and his band of buddies is an eclectic mix of American music. You get blues of all kinds, country, folk, and lots more – all of it laced with Mayasich’s biting electric guitar and acoustic slide.

If big crunchy guitar is your idea of a good time, “High Time” is a fine place to start. It’s a slow, bluesy boogie that features his lowdown slide soloing. “Insane” is a fun up-tempo tune mixing organ and guitar to craft a memorable lick that sticks like a good meal. The last two minutes of the song is basically a free-for-all amongst the entire band. The instrumental “Taxing Johanna” sounds like a Tom Waits backing track.

“Skipping To Moon” features several sections. The open has a droning sound featuring Mayasich’s slide. He segues into a folk feel. Finally, it turns into a swinging rocker that sounds like a long-lost Allman Brothers track, before moving back into the folk song.

The record is a showcase for a guitarist, singer, and songwriter at the peak of his powers.

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