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Sean Costello

This is Sean’s first work for Tone Cool/Artemis, and while his past work was very good, he has matured to become one of the major young talents in R&B.
Sean’s past work also hinted at expanding beyond blues. And here we’ve got slices of soul that rank with the best of that genre’s history. Fans expecting large blasts of blues guitar and shuffles may be disappointed, but if you like to see how an artist can grow, step up.
Sean wrote a great number of the tunes, and his writing, playing, and vocals are at the top of his game. Check out the opener, “No Half-steppin’.” It’s got a hook big enough to drive a truck through. The Leslied guitar doubles a great horn line, and his solo is just right. Vocally, there’s great stuff on pretty much every cut; you’ll be amazed at the soul and sounds he manages to invest in each of these songs. Sean has always been a fine singer, but here he has taken it up a notch.
“I Get A Feeling” is the type of soul ballad that’s rarely heard anymore. Between the incredible solo and the vocal, it leaves you speechless. There’s an exquisite version of Bob Dylan’s “Simple Twist of Fate” with beautiful slide and a great feel. “She Changed My Mind” is the kind of soul heaven that would be on the radio if radio still had any sense. Sean’s perfect two-note guitar figure propels the song. The middle features a very nice stop-time segment with soulful bends. Top it off with the vocal, and you’re set.

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