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Living Stereo

This might come as a surprise to those familiar with the singer from his days with the countrified Hollisters. Barfield downplays the country and plays up the southern soul vein, with great originals and a cover of Tyrone Davis’s “Can I Change My Mind.” What might surprise guitarists, though, is the funky sounds coming from Dave Biller and Chris Miller. If you’ve only heard Biller’s Jimmy Bryant-esque country jazz on his Hot Guitars CD or Tele twanging behind Dale Watson, or are used to Miller backing Wayne “The Train” Hancock or Cave Catt Sammy, you’re only getting a sliver of their collective spectrum.

Here, they dip into Jimmy Nolen, Bobby Womack, Steve Cropper, Ike Turner and other soulful influences. There’s still a little bit of country – with Dave taking a tasty acoustic solo on “Look At Me” and impersonating a steel with his Telecaster on “Confession Time” – along with Howlin’ Wolf’s “I’ve Been Abused,” where Chris trades solos with guest Nick Curran. My vote for “Party Record Of The Year”!

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