Storyville – A Piece of Your Soul

A Piece of Your Soul
A Piece of Your Soul

Storyville is an Austin, Texas, supergroup made up of SRV’s old Double Trouble pals Chris Layton (drums) and Tommy Shannon (bass), along with guitarslingers David Grissom and David Holt. The band is fronted by singer Malford Milligan. Together, they take a batch of formulaic rock and roll tunes and lift them far out of the ordinary.

The guitar work of Grissom and Holt shines with funky rhythm and tight grooves. Grissom’s solos are jaw-dropping amazing at times – inventive, driving, and articulate. My only complaint is that there are not more, and longer, solos.

All of the tracks are straightforward rock with leanings more to hot-rodded country than to the blues. Cool cuts include “Bitter Rain” and the title track, both of which are bound to win Storyville some AOR air time.

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