Kenny Burrell/Gil Evans – Guitar Forms

Guitar Forms

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times. One of the great things about CDs is great albums have become available at a cost you can afford. Here is an example.

Blue Note had done a terrific job of repackaging this album. 1965’s Guitar Forms is a bona fide classic. It shows Burrell at his finest, with arrangements by the legendary Gil Evans. Plus, there’s some interesting alternate takes. As with all of these, the original liner notes are here. The Blue Note Burrell albums were late-’50s efforts that feature a young Burrell playing with the likes of Sam Jones, Duke Jordan, Bobby Timmons, and Art Blakey. Great stuff, both from a historical standpoint, and just for the wonderful playing. And, the cover reproduces Andy Warhol’s original artwork.

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