Jimmy Thackery & the Drivers – Drive to Survive

Drive to Survive

Jimmy Thackery may hold the record for having played the most bars and clubs ever. After years propelling that quintessential bar band, the Nighthawks, and now with his power trio, the Drivers, this new album’s title has deep meaning.

Thackery’s scorching tone and gritty guitar work are instantly identifiable. His rhythm grooves are grinding and funky; his leads have a freedom that Hendrix would have envied.

That this is a bar band is obvious: almost all of the songs are uptempo, from the tough boogie of “You Got Work To Do,” to the reverb-laden camp cover of “Apache.” The one slow blues here, “That’s How I Feel,” seems bogged down. That this is a bar band is also obvious in how tight, coordinated, and impeccable the Drivers are. They have had time to get it down right.

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