Hadden Sayers Band

Hadden Sayers Band

The press material with this CD says Sayers has been a fixture on the Houston rock scene for some time. One quick listen and it’s not hard to figure out why. Very tight arrangements of catchy tunes, with excellent playing all around, make this sound like a band bound to be a hit.

Sayers puts his songwriting above his guitar slinging, but that’s not to say he can’t play. Check out “Cryin’ For Mercy.” This rocker, with crunchy guitars, features some great stop-time guitar breaks and ends with some rollicking double-stops. “Pray for Rain” sounds like the Stones until a mid-eastern-type solo takes over, ending with sharp hammer-ons. The cool pop/funk of “Money Man” features some nice slide work to go along with a funny lyric.

In the world where I grew up, “Can’t Be Satisfied” would be a certified radio hit. Yeah, I know, radio has changed, but this rocker calls to mind the best of ’70s rock with very tasty, air guitar-inducing solo. I hope we hear more from Mr. Sayers and his partners in crime.

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