Tyler Morris

And So It Begins
Tyler Morris

Tyler Morris

It seems like everybody loves a guitar prodigy, and 16-year-old Tyler Morris has been thrust into the spotlight. Since the age of 12, Morris has been entertaining audiences with his fleet-fingered dexterity and boyish charm. Along the way he’s racked up a number of guest appearances alongside some of the guitar community’s heaviest hitters.

Citing the influences of Jason Becker, Edward Van Halen, and Yngwie J. Malmsteen, you can probably guess what his debut album sounds like. And So It Begins is a trip down memory lane to classic ’80s hard rock and metal.

With the assistance of the talented Casey Desmond on vocals, Morris’ on-the-nose neo-classical guitar flourishes are offset by smile-inducing pop rock in the vein of Quarterflash and Scandal. “Can’t Turn Back Time,” “Right Now,” and “Over And Over” is a welcome diversion from the numerous sweep-picked arpeggios and harmonic minor runs.

Morris’ Becker and Malmsteen influence runs deep, and you can respect the virtuosity. Hopefully it won’t be long before this talented youngster follows this debut using his considerable gifts to serve honest artistic expression, and a personal voice that he can call his very own.

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