March 2003



Good Try!
Bond Electra-glide and Messenger guitars Two stories about noble technological innovations that didn’t change the world in any way! By Michael Wright

Braxton Schuffert
Mentor to Hank Williams He contributed to the evolution of country music in its “childhood” when he served as mentor to a gangly teenager named Hiram. By Willie G. Moseley

Charlie Christian
Louis Armstrong, Earl Hines, Lester Young, and Charlie Parker all changed the way their instruments were played. Charles Henry Christian can certainly be added to that distinguished list. By Peter Broadbent

“I Found Charlie’s ES-250!”
A bout with insomnia and a copy of a certain guitar magazine lead to the find of a lifetime. By Lynn Wheelwright

Trash Talkin’
A conversation with Southern Culture On The Skids’ Rick Miller His band doesn’t fit into any pigeonhole, has always been its own boss, and has succeeded famously as sort of a cottage industry. By Teisco Del Rey

Gibson’s Les Paul Recording Model
Les Paul’s fame will rest on the classic solidbody Gibson that bears his name. But his career is also distinguished by his fascination with electronic gadgets, like this highly novel model. By Michael Wright

Joanna Connor
Worcester, Chicago, and Beyond Born and raised in Massachusetts, Joanna Connor grew up in a musical household and moved to Chicago when its blues scene beckoned. These days, she’s calling her own shots. By Willie G. Moseley


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First Fret: News and Notes
– In Memoriam: Joe Strummer, Zal Yanovsky
– Junior Watson
– Les Paul Donates to Museum
– Stolen Gear

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Four Factors of the Current Music Scene
By Ken Bronowski

Executive Rock
Pairing Up in the Peach State
By Willie G. Moseley

The Tiger Blues Band
By Kelly Hagen

Q&A With George Gruhn
The Curse of Aging Nitrocellulose

Mandolins That’d Make Lloyd Proud
By Steven Stone

Carlos Santana
By Wolf Marshall

Studio Aces
Jon Kurnick
By Jim LaDiana

Fender’s California Strat
By Riley Wilson


Guitar Shop
Rattle-Can Redux
By Tony Nobles

Fine-Tuning Your Amp Setup
By Gerald Weber

Ask Gerald
By Gerald Weber


Vintage Guitar Gear Reviews
Legendary Tones’ Time Machine Boost, RNB Guitars

Gearin’ Up!
The latest cool new stuff!

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Record, Video, and Book Reviews

Check This Action
Honky Tonk Heroes
By Dan Forte

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