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We speak with world-famous guitar builder Paul Reed Smith. Influenced by music early in life, instead of writing “Born To Run” or playing the lead on Tom Petty’s “Refugee,” guitar history will recall him as the Ted McCarty (or Leo Fender) of his generation.

Then, Dave Hunter tells us why among Fender “tweed” amps, the 5D5 Pro is an important starting point for studying both its predecessors and its successors. George Gruhn and Walter Carter explain how despite the popularity of Gibson’s ’50s thinline electrics, the acoustic archtop L-5CT didn’t quite fly, and Willie Moseley reveals how the Peavey Dyna-Bass was an important evolutionary step in the company’s history. Then, we offer up the details on two funky instruments – one you may have actually played, the other that, thanks to Communism, came to market way too late: check out our features on the Riverhead Jupiterand the Leningrad Hollowbody 409.

Robb Lawrence stops in to visit about his two books on Les Paul, the man. Andy Babiuk talks about making garage music a la his heroes, and Dan Forte breaks down the details on the DVD box set on the British Invasion. Stopping by to discuss their new music are Julien Kasper, Jon Dalton, Rich Tozzoli, and Zac Harmon.

If you’re the tinkering type, you’ll want to take a look at Will Kelly’s Shop of Hard Knocks column, where he shows us how to build our own pickups, Dan Erlewine’s Guitar Rx where he makes a new bridge for an Epiphone Texan, and David Jung’s Talkin’ Amps…, where he puts a bunch of EL84 tubes through their paces.

And in the likely(!) event you’re shopping for new gear, you’ll want to read our reviews of cool new stuff from Gadotti, ProCo, Tomaszewicz, Egnater, Fervor pickups, Ultrasound, WMD, and Reunion Blues.

Here’s a look at Paul’sFirst Guitars!


Paul Reed Smith
He was influenced by music early in life. But instead of writing “Born To Run” or playing the lead break on Tom Petty’s “Refugee,” guitar history will recall Paul Smith as the Ted McCarty (or Leo Fender) of his generation. By Ward Meeker

The Fender 5D5 Pro
Among Fender “tweed” amp models, it sits in the center both chronologically and developmentally. That makes it a great jumping-off point for studying both its predecessors and its successors. By Dave Hunter

The Gibson L-5CT Gibson’s first thinline electrics of the ’50s were popular. But when the company applied the concept to an acoustic archtop and created the L-5CT, sales were disappointing, even with a promotional splash provided by a popular comedian and TV-show host. By George Gruhn and Walter Carter

One Fine 409: The Leningrad Hollowbody
Born when such instruments were on their way out in the West, the 1970 Lunacharsky Factory of Folk Musical Instruments model 409 was more reminiscent of Kays and Harmonys from the 1950s and ’60s. By Edward Pitt

The Riverhead Jupiter
There are many patterns in guitar history, but one prominent theme repeats the tradition based on the apprenticeship/journeyman/master model. Such a pattern weaves the story of Riverhead guitars – a brand in the wrong place at the wrong time. By Michael Wright

The Peavey Dyna-Bass
Introduced in 1986, the Dyna-Bass was a major evolutionary step up from Peavey’s T-series instruments or the Foundation Bass. Though styled with classic lines, its active circuitry marked a first for a Peavey bass. By Willie G. Moseley


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The British are Back
DVD Box Documents British Invasion
By Dan Forte

Chronicling Les Paul
By Eric C. Shoaf

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Andy Babiuk
Out In the Garage
By John Heidt

Ask Zac
By Zac Childs

Julien Kasper
Go With the Flow
By John Heidt

Jon Dalton
Unplanned Perfection
By John Heidt

Rich Tozzoli
Talking Tone
By Pete Prown

Zac Harmon
Positive Blues Power
By Rick Allen


The (Way) Back Beat
$100, 50 Years Ago, Part III
By Peter S. Kohman

Q&A With George Gruhn

Every Decade or So, Part II
By Steven Stone

Judas Priest
By Wolf Marshall


Shop of Hard Knocks
Roll Your Own… Pickups
By Will Kelly

Dan’s Guitar Rx
New Bridge for an Epi Texan, Part II
By Dan Erlewine

Talkin’ Amps…
An EL84 “Showdown”
By David Jung


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Check This Action
Guitar Heroes, 40 Years Late
By Dan Forte

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