Fulltone CF-1 Choralflange

Silky Smooth and Realistic
Silky Smooth and Realistic

Housed in a metal case constructed of brushed aluminum and green enamel-coated hammered aluminum, the Choralflange offers rich chorus and flange effects with total control over the parameters. The unit can be used in mono and stereo setups by plugging the appropriate cables into the single input and two output jacks. As the instructions note, this unit is not recommended for use with super high-gain pickups, as they could overload the input level.

Unlike the Fat-Boost, the on/off switch inside the Choralflange can be set for true bypass (for mono operation only) or buffered out (for mono or stereo, and recommended when using very long cables). These settings can be adjusted by using the tiny DIP switch inside the box (easily accessible by removing the backplate). A diagram inside indicates the settings for each mode. It’s also important that these settings should not be altered while the unit is plugged in, to avoid potential damage to the electronics. Also noteworthy is the stomp switch, which is surrounded by a thick rubber ring that cushions the impact.

The Choralflange has an array of switches and knobs that provide many ways to regulate the sounds. There are far more controls than on a typical chorus or flanger, so reading the manual is highly recommended. Two small switches select between chorus and flange modes, as well as narrow (one octave) or wide (two octaves) range of effect. Rotary knobs adjust the Mix (wet/dry signal), Delay Time (frequency of the effect), Depth (saturation of the effect) and Rate (speed of modulation, indicated by flashing LED). A mini volume adjust knob helps balance the signal’s volume level when the effect is engaged.

To test the Choralflange, we used mono and stereo setups. We played through the same setup, then added a second 100-watt Marshall head, and split the cabinets to create a pair of close-matching half-stacks for a stereo rig.

The instruction manual provides a selection of sample settings to give the user a good starting point to develop their own sounds. The effects themselves are smooth and silky, as you’d expect from analog circuitry, but do not produce the tinny, unwanted sound in the higher ranges of modulation, which similar effects tend to throw in. The Choralflange also avoided adding unwanted noise to the signal chain, and switching on and off or between modes was silent. From subtle, barely-there tones to deeper and more intense effects, the Choralflange demonstrates them excellently in both mono and stereo modes. Aside from the standard chorus effects, the controls can also be set to create excellent Leslie-type effects that are more realistic than the average stompbox.

In terms of features and tone, the Choralflange wins high ratings. Compared to faithful and familiar pedals like the Boss Chorus and MXR Flanger, the Choralflange is superior in sound and variety of controls.

Fulltone CF-1 Choralflange
Type Of Effect: Analog chorus and Features: Switches for Chorus/Flange and Narrow/Wide bandwidth; Controls for Mix, Delay Time, Depth, Rate and Volume Adj.; mono or stereo operation; selectable true bypass or buffered out operation; LED indicator shows modulation speed; operates on 9-volt battery or AC adapter; five year warranty.
Price: $349.
Contact: Fulltone Musical Products Inc, 12906 1/2 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90066, (310) 397-3456, fax (310) 397-6917, fulltone.com.

CF-1 Choralflange courtesy of Fulltone.

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