The Mystick Krewe of Clearlight – Self Titled

Self Titled

Black Sabbath’s jamming with Deep Purple, but Ian Gillian and Ozzy are nowhere in sight (probably getting smashed at the bar), it’s 1972 New Orleans and swampy voodoo’s going down. Captain America and Billy come easy ridin’ back into town for another Mardi Gras an …uh…somebody dosed my drink…and…uh…things are… get-ting…hay-zeeeeeee…

Providing the soundtrack for said dream (man, I gotta stop eating those tuna sandwiches at midnight…): The Mystick Krewe of Clearlight. Okay, so the obligatory Sab/Purple reference simplifies things. Yet this six-song, 50-minute orgasmic guitar/organ instrumental riff-fest tips more than one hat, in all the right ways, to those glorified heavies.

Big deal, so do a lot of recent entries in the new stoner rock (or whatever you like to call it) scene. They, however, don’t possess the finesse or Southern soul of these heavy-ass jams. This stuff doesn’t plod, despite its sludgy leanings. No, it swings, and swings mightily.

Lessee, anything else? Oh yeah, TMKOC features members of former underground heavy bands whose names are practically rendered irrelevant by this excellent release. Gentlemen, consider my eggs fried. For more info, see

This review originally appeared in VG‘s Feb. ’01 issue.

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