Little Feat – Hotcakes and Outtakes

Hotcakes and Outtakes

I’ve always been amazed that Little Feat wasn’t a huge band with many hits. They don’t come much snappier than “Dixie Chicken.” And especially in the ’70s heyday of FM radio, how could that not have turned into a huge hit?

Anyway, it’s all here on this four-CD set – all the great songs (and you’ll be amazed at how many really great songs there are), the stuff from after Lowell George’s death, and even some early stuff from early bands that featured members of Little Feat. It’s tough to beat George’s slide playing and songwriting.

With songs like “Trouble,” “Cat Fever,” “Willin’,” “Two Trains,” and “Spanish Moon,” one can’t help but think the word “genius” isn’t out of line. He also helped write the book on slide playing, taking it in a little different direction than Duane Allman and Ry Cooder. He’s a phenomenal player. Add Paul Barrere on guitar, Billy Payne on piano, and an amazing rhythm section, and you’ve got one of the best American rock bands ever. While the sound changed after the band reformed in the ’80s, it was still a fine band with a little jazzier sound and fine playing from Barrere and Fred Tackett on guitars.

I can’t recommend this enough. I really feel this was, especially in the ’70s, one of the best rock bands to emerge from America. Mixing rock, blues, country, soul and everything in between, they stood head and shoulders above plenty of hitmakers in that time. Get this!

This review originally appeared in VG‘s Feb. ’01 issue.

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