Tony Bacon – 50 Years of Fender

Tony Bacon

In 1950, Leo Fender began production of the first solidbody electric guitar, and music hasn’t been the same since. Celebrating the anniversary of the event, this book provides a year-by-year chronicle of the evolution of Fender and its world famous guitar models. The book highlights the process of reevaluation and reinvention, noting Fender’s focus throughout each decade: visionary design work in the ’50s, technical flexibility in the ’60s, core models of the ’70s, diversification of the ’80s, and the retro craze of the ’90s. Filled with photos of album covers, ads, catalogs, memorabilia, and famous musicians using Fenders, the book shows how the company’s products reshaped popular music and culture over the past 50 years. Great photos, nice price, excellent guitars!

Softbound 128 pages, ISBN 0-87930-621-1, $19.95.

This review originally appeared in VG‘s Jan. ’01 issue.

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