Angeltone Offers Stannard Set, VS Pickups


Angeltone Stannard pickupsAngeltone Musical Instruments and guitarist John Stannard have developed a set of pickups for Telecaster-style guitars. The company says its Stannard Set will allow for both pickups to be on at the same time while staying tonally balanced. Made with vulcanized fiber bobbins,  nitrocellulose-lacquer coil insulation dipping, Alnico magnets, wax potting, and 22-gauge vintage-style cloth-overed wire, they are available as a matched set or with a hum-cancelling rhythm pickup.

Angeltone VSAngeltone’s VS pickups for Strat-style guitars have nitrocellulose lacquer dipped vulcanized fiber bobbins, 42-gauge Formvar coil wire, Alnico V magnets, wax potting, and 22-gauge vintage-style cloth-covered hookup wire. They are available in rhythm, middle, and lead versions as well as in sets with original-style or hum-cancelling middle pickup.

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