Yamaha Corp. Acquires Line 6


Yamaha Corporation and Line 6, Inc. haved announced an agreement for Yamaha to acquire Line 6.

Line 6, launched in 1996, is one of the most-recognized names in the digital-modeling arena, with its POD multi-effect processors, guitar amplifiers, modeling guitars, digital wireless systems, live sound mixers, speakers, and iOS interfaces. Under the terms of the agreement, Yamaha will operate Line 6 as a wholly owned subsidiary and its management team will remain in place.

“For over 30 years of developing products, and even further back to my earliest memories as a developing musician, Yamaha has been the brand for which I have always had the most respect,” said Line 6 co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer Marcus Ryle. “Yamaha has consistently set the standard in our industry for quality and innovation, and I am very proud for Line 6 to now be a part of this incredible legacy.”

“Yamaha’s acquisition of Line 6 will help accelerate the realization of our vision to drive innovation for musicians across the globe,” added Line 6 CEO and President Paul Foeckler. “We’re proud that Yamaha recognizes the innovation and value in our people, IP and processes and we’re excited about the opportunities ahead to expand our reach”

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