Korg Offers Pitchblack Pro, Pitchhawk Tuners


Korg_PitchblackPro_TunerKorg’s Pitchblack Pro rackmount tuner uses “3D”-style tuning meters with color LEDs, and its treated acrylic face allows a multi-dimensional view of the display from any distance or angle. Its meter  has a regular meter mode, strobe mode, and half-strobe mode. It also has a Cable Checker function to detect whether any cable with 1/4″ connectors is broken or shorted. Its buffered output minimizes noise in the signal, and it has a Mute function for silent tuning. The Pitchhawk is a clip-on tuner for guitar, bass, and ukulele with a range of A0 to C8 and a full complement of functionality. Korg PitchHawkFully chromatic, it includes special markings to indicate pure major third and minor third intervals. The Calibration function accommodates a variety of concert pitches. It uses a CR2032-type lithium battery. Go to www.korg.com/tuners.

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