Joey DeFrancesco with Larry Coryell and Jimmy Cobb

Wonderful! Wonderful!
Joey DeFrancesco with Larry Coryell and Jimmy Cobb

Jerry DeFrancescoWonderful is right! This organ trio, featuring guitarist Larry Coryell, is pure joy with its bright and lively charge through a songlist of jazz classics and originals.

The ensemble is led by Joey DeFrancesco, a Miles Davis alum who almost singlehandedly led today’s resurgence of love for the Hammond B3 in jazz with his 1989 debut, All of Me. Jimmy Cobb, another Davis sideman, holds down the drum chair, adding both a rock solid rhythm and rollicking fills.

DeFrancesco and Coryell trade licks like Jimmy Smith and Wes Montgomery on their classic series of duet platters. They weave lines through each other, echoing melodies, and improvising with dash and élan.

On the title track, DeFrancesco’s tone is gorgeous, his solo effusive and spirited. When Coryell steps in, his vibe is mellow, building in intensity and energy to a stellar denouement. Even his chord vamps behind the Hammond are striking. Seven minutes of jamming is not enough!

On Coryell’s original, “Joey D,” the trio stretches out on a freer-form, almost spacey jam. DeFrancesco obviously enjoys the opportunity to experiment and explore. Behind him, Coryell’s chord solo makes the song absolutely dance.

Benny Golson’s “Five Spot After Dark” becomes a noir swing tune. Coryell’s funky arpeggios add a cool modern counterpoint to the vintage vibe, the Hammond accenting his lines with a swampy undertone.

If you’re a fan of bopping jazz guitar or a Hammond B3 aficionado, you owe yourself a listen. Wonderful indeed.

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