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Vintage Guitar - May 2010


The Beatles’ Casinos

Of all the guitars made famous by the Beatles, the only one that John, Paul, and George had in common was the Epiphone Casino. Each owned one and used it for countless recordings and performances. By Andy Babiuk

’66 Epiphone Casino

In the Epiphone line of the ’60s, the Casino occupied middle ground in appearance and electronics, ranking below the Sheraton, Riviera, and even the Crestwood Custom. But thanks to the Beatles, it is probably the best-known of all Gibson-made Epi models. By George Gruhn and Walter Carter

The House of Stathopoulo Harp Guitar

Surreal Missing Link

One of the rarest Epiphone instruments lends a glimpse into a transitional era prior to the formation of what would become one of the most recognizable names in guitar history. By Paul Fox

Trainwreck Express “Nancy”

Amps bearing the Trainwreck brand have long been among the most desirable. And after the passing of Ken Fischer they’ve been fixed to an even higher standard by the laws of supply and demand. This one, dubbed “Nancy,” was built by Fischer in 1986. By Dave Hunter

Kenny Sultan

Left-Coast Blues Machine

A blues-guitar authority, as a kid he hit L.A. blues clubs to watch T-Bone Walker and Doc Watson. A guitarist by age 12, he spent his youth and adolescence enamored with the form, and today purveys it as half of an acclaimed duo. By Preston Gratiot

The Yamaha Image

Whether you say “acoustic” or “electric,” Yamaha is never the first name that leaps to mind among guitar aficionados. Nevertheless, it has historically offered wonderful designs, innovative features, and exceptional quality. One Yamaha that answers all these encomiums is the Image. By Michael Wright

The Vox Saturn IV

In the mid 1960s, Vox was buoyed by endorsers such as the Beatles and Paul Revere & the Raiders. The company signed deals with almost every popular band; even one-hit-wonders such as Music Machine (“Talk Talk”) brandished Vox guitars like the Saturn IV. By Willie G. Moseley


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John Jorgenson’s Gypsy Jazz Orchestra

By Michael Dregni

Charlie Apicella

Ain’t That a Groove?

By John Heidt

Ask Zac

By Zac Childs

J.D. Simo

Young Tele King on Broadway

By Zac Childs

Winter NAMM ’10

By Preston Gratiot

Jimmy Wyble


By Jim Carlton

Love and Theft

Doing Time

By Will Kelly

Sean Chambers

The Tampa-Texas Connection

By Willie G. Moseley


The (Way) Back Beat

$100, 50 Years Ago, Part II

By Peter S. Kohman

Q&A With George Gruhn

Guitars with Guts

1846 Manuel Gutiérrez

By R.E. Bruné


Robbie Krieger

By Wolf Marshall


Every Decade Or So…

By Steven Stone


Talkin’ Amps…

Sleeper Amps: The Watkins Dominator MkI

By David Jung

DAn’s Guitar Rx

New Bridge For an Epi Texan

By Dan Erlewine

Shop of Hard Knocks

Resurrecting a “SuperStrat”

By Will Kelly


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What Would Django Do?

By Dan Forte

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