Mercury Magnetics Offers Transformer Service for Amps Affected by Sandy


As it did following the massive flooding in Nashville in May of 2010, Mercury Magnetics is offering to service the transformers in guitar amps damaged by water during hurricane/tropical storm Sandy. Mercury is volunteering its technology and know-how to help restore transformers with a proprietary process that includes a battery of tests, evacuating moisture, re-varnishing, and re-baking.

“We have specialized equipment for this purpose,” said Mercury’s Patrick Selfridge. “Because this process cannot be duplicated at home, we ask that people do not attempt to power up any damaged amp without having the transformers serviced. To do so will almost certainly harm them and can be dangerous to whoever powers up the amp.“

If a transformer is damaged beyond repair, Mercury will offer the choice of a rewind, replacement, or upgrade at what Selfridge calls “a substantial good-guy discount.” For more info, drop a line to him at or call (818) 998-7791.

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