The Steepwater Band

Live at the Double Door
Diamond Day Records
The Steepwater Band

If you like your rock and roll loud and with no-frills, you’ll love The Steepwater Band. A trio with plenty of great influences, the 14 cuts on this live disc touch on blues, pop, and plenty of soul.

Guitarist/singer Jeff Massey is the focal point, and his slide playing is the predominant element much of the time. His tone is as Gibson-esque as you could get on tunes like “Fire Away,” where a descending chord sequence turns into a soulful rock solo. The band (Tod Bowers on bass and Joe Winters on drums) can write a song that sounds new and intimately familiar all at the same time. “All the Way to Nowhere” is a riff-driven tune that proves it. “The Stars Look Good Tonight” is a hook-driven pop-rocker with crunchy chords and an arpeggiodriven solo.

The Steepwater Band is carrying on a tradition, of sorts, and the appreciative audience here knows that. This is music with big guitar riffs, fine solos, great lyrics, and gritty vocals.

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