Landreth Offers Instrumental Disc With Johnson, Satriani


e1333563354Sonny Landreth’s 11th album, Elemental Journey, is something very different from the Louisiana slide wizard. It is Landreth’s first all-instrumental effort and his most adventurous work to date.

Elemental Journey has many guest stars. Joe Satriani delivers a solo on the opener “Gaia Tribe,”  Eric Johnson makes an appearance on “Passionola,” and steel drum master Robert Greenidge brings his talents to the balmy, swaying “Forgotten Story.” Drummers Brian Brignac, Doug Belote and Mike Burch lend their particular feels to various tracks, working with Sonny’s longtime band members, bass player Dave Ranson and keyboardist Steve Conn. The string arrangements by Sam Broussard are played by members of Lafayette’s Acadiana Symphony Orchestra, conducted by its music director, Mariusz Smolij, a world-renowned maestro.

The album blossoms forth with unexpected yet seamless juxtapositions. Spanish moss atmospherics enwrap visceral bursts of rock and jazz on “Gaia Tribe,” and Sonny’s slide plays over a Jamaican-inspired groove with Greenidge’s Trinidadian pans on “Forgotten Story,” while “Wonderide” finds zydeco romancing classical.

The album is scheduled for release on May 22.



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