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VVT Lindy Fralin Model amplifier

Toneful Tag-Team

Maryland-based amplifier builder Vintage Vacuum Tube Amplifiers (you may know it as VVT) recently fielded a request from renowned pickup winder Lindy Fralin. He wasn’t looking for advice on wire or how hot to wind a pickup for best interaction with a particular VVT; (more…)

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Country Style U.S.A.

Pickers In Their Prime

The peacetime U.S. Army in 1957 had a steady stream of new recruits due to the draft and ongoing promotional efforts to encourage enlistments. Among those projects – 52 filmed segments of “Country Style U.S.A.,” were made available to local TV stations from ’57 to ’61. (more…)

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D’Addario/ Planet Waves Accessories

Goodies Galore

The D’Addario family has been making musical-instrument strings since before brothers-in-law Rocco and Carmine moved to the U.S. from Italy in the early 1900s. A longtime music-industry fixture, D’Addario & Company long ago branched out from strings into other areas, like a recent crop of (more…)

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Ro-Pat-In Electric Spanish

Granddaddy to the Stars!

The story of George Beauchamp’s invention of what would become the first commercially successful electric guitar is shrouded in the mist of murky memory. But one critical element of the story – the first Spanish-neck electric guitar sold by Ro-Pat-In – has recently become more clear. (more…)

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Chris Thile

Thile's New Loar

Photo: Steven Stone. While Chris Thile may well be the best mandolin player in the world, he couldn’t care less. Other musicians might worry about their place in the hierarchy of “good,” “better,” or “best”; Thile is too busy playing music. Even on a “light” (more…)

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Chuck Berry – You Never Can Tell

A Bushel of Berry

There was no single architect or originator of rock and roll; there were several. Any serious discussion would have to include Fats Domino, Little Richard, Ike Turner, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bill Haley, and a few others. And, of course, Chuck Berry. In his essay on (more…)

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Gibson EB-0F


Circa 1964 Gibson EB-0F, serial #234684. Photo: VG archive. Instrument courtesy of Guitar Center Hollywood. “Fuzztone.” The term conjures memories of the buzzing, snarling, barely-musical sound from the 1960s that inspired hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of aspiring rock guitarists. The (more…)

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Taylor T5 Thinline Fiveway

Six-Song Minimum?

Taylor T5 Thinline Fiveway For years, people continually asked Bob Taylor, “When are you going to come up with an electric guitar?” Taylor’s answer was always, “Somewhere between never and when we come up with a guitar that’s actually unique.” That “somewhere” (more…)

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Jon Butcher

Back to Barefootin'

Photos courtesy Jon Butcher. A little more than a decade ago, guitarist/vocalist Jon Butcher described his affiliation with the then-new quartet Barefoot Servants as, “The best thing I ever did.” The band, featuring co-guitarist Ben Schultz, bassist Leland Sklar, and drummer Ray Brinker, (more…)

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June 2010


// (more…)

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