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Michael Bloomfield – If You Love These Blues, Play ‘Em As You Please


I’ve had more than one conversation with a colleague when The Paul Butterfield Blues Band album came up, and we said in unison, “That album changed my life.” (more…)

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C.C. Adcock

The Future of Swamp Rock

C.C. Adcock hunches over his Telecaster like a tiger ready to pounce. He stands on one foot, the other leg twisting like an unmanned fire hose – one leg wrapping and unwrapping around the other uncontrollably, while he (more…)

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Bob Brozman – Blues Reflex


Bob Brozman has made his name playing everything from the blues to Hawaiian music, old-timey Americana to Hot Club sounds. But above all, Brozman is a performer. His concerts are rowdy and alive – a musical pastiche highlighted by incredible musicianship. Much of Brozman’s musical (more…)

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Tiny Moore & Jethro Burns – Back To Back


The original 1979 Kaleidoscope edition of this album is labeled “country” on allmusic.com. Which should come as no surprise; musicians have been stereotyped by their resumes (or in this case part of their resumes) probably since cavemen were beating on (more…)

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Pete Anderson


Despite prevailing trends and “industry wisdom” – an oxymoron Pete Anderson has disproved several times over – the 20-year association of this guitarist/producer/label-head and country star Dwight Yoakam has been one of the most fruitful in country music history. Based in Los Angeles instead of (more…)

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Big Al Anderson – After Hours


This is the first solo album by the former lead guitarist for NRBQ in almost a decade, and he uses it to cover lots of ground. Anderson writes good ballads that fall between jazz and nightclub tunes. “Love Makes a Fool of Me” is one; (more…)

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Dave Biller & Jazz Pharaohs – LeRoy’s Swing & Old Man Time


The connection between these two albums is one Dave Biller, a multi-talented Austin guitar man who plays it all – Hot Club swing to straight-ahead jazz – with a fine dose of rockabilly added when the (more…)

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Fender Telecaster


Simplicity. You can sum up the success of Fender’s venerable Telecaster model with one word. A cross-cultural phenomenon right down to its name – in a bind, the company essentially named it after the television – its many intuitive features all revert to that one (more…)

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Ralph Heibutzki – Unfinished Business: The Life and Times of Danny G


If it’s true that an artist suffers for his music, then some guitar players suffer more than others. We can never know exactly what demons torment some of our favorite players, or why some choose to leave before their time, but Danny Gatton (more…)

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Sam Bush and David Grisman – King of My World


If you see Sam Bush perform live, the first thing you’ll notice is what a wonderful time he has on stage. Few performers enjoy playing music as much as Sam, and it shows. On his latest CD, King of My World, Sam brings his particular joie de vivre to the studio. Joined by Jon (more…)

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