Bob Brozman – Blues Reflex

Blues Reflex

Bob Brozman has made his name playing everything from the blues to Hawaiian music, old-timey Americana to Hot Club sounds. But above all, Brozman is a performer. His concerts are rowdy and alive – a musical pastiche highlighted by incredible musicianship.

Much of Brozman’s musical interests have been focused on National resonator guitars and the traditions they have either sparked or been a central part of.

Yet now, as he approaches 50, Brozman writes in the liner notes to Blues Reflex that he’s hearing all of his favorite music anew, with a deeper respect and more maturity. Hence, this new album.

The 13 tunes here are largely Brozman originals peppered with traditionals and a handful of blues by the likes of Charley Patton and Skip James. No matter – Brozman makes them all his own.

He plays an arsenal of guitars that reads like a dream list of cool; National tricone and baritone tricone, Weissenborn Hawaiian, Bear Creek baritone seven-string Hawaiian, Bear Creek Kona Rocket Hawaiian, Michael Dunn “Mystery Pacific” Selmer-style guitar, and much more. Layered atop each other, the tracks resonate with numerous exotic voices and gorgeous tone.

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