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Billy Joe Shaver – Billy and the Kid


Billy Joe Shaver is one of the real good songwriters of his generation. His country and country-rock tunes have filled his fine albums and have been covered by countless others. His late son, Eddy, is the Kid referred to in (more…)

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David Lindley w/Wally Ingram – Live In Europe


The logical followup to the Lindley/Ingram Twango Bango studio CDs, this live counterpart features even better sound quality – with more definition, hotter drums, and fuller bass without sounding muddy. As for the playing, it hardly needs to be restated that David (more…)

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Anson Funderburgh

New Voice of the Rockets

One of the great ironies of blues music is that several of the “new” blues acts have by now sustained longer careers than legends like Little Walter, Otis Spann, or Freddie King ever had. Anson Funderburgh, who formed (more…)

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Gil Parris – Live at the Next Door Café


A live setting is the perfect place for Parris to show his stuff. A versatile and unique guitarist, he has been around and done some major-label work in the past. Now releasing his stuff independently, it’s (more…)

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Tab Benoit – Fever For the Bayou


Benoit has a feel and authenticity to his playing. His records always bring a smile of familiarity to my face when I first hear them, like an old coat that you haven’t worn since last winter. When you put it on, you remember everything you love about it. That recognition means you won’t be surprised. […]

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Tommy Emmanuel – Endless Road


Anyone who had seen Emmanuel in concert or heard about his prodigious technique, then rushed out to buy his 2001 Favored Nations effort, Only, may have been a bit puzzled. Not that the playing wasn’t of the highest order; it was. But onstage, this (more…)

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1982 Epiphone U.S. Map


The idea of making “presentation- grade” guitars – special instruments meant as much for marketing as for rich customers – probably goes back to the beginnings of guitarmaking. Certainly (more…)

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Blueridge BR140

Time to Sell the D-28?

Usually, I don’t give Chinese-made acoustic guitars a second glance. But when I saw that the Blueridge BR140 was made of all solid woods and retailed for $650, my interest was piqued. The BR140 features a solid spruce (more…)

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Chris Poland

Reaching Nirvana with Ohm

Chris Poland is perhaps best known among heavy metal fans for his work with Megadeth as the group’s original lead guitarist, applying his tasty riffs to the first two discs and aiding in the development of the group’s distinct sound. (more…)

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Los Straitjackets

Not Surf, Rock

Go to straitjackets.com, and, besides a silver-sparkle DiPinto guitar staring you in the face, you’ll find a typical band website, with the usual links for gigs, MP3s, a photo gallery, and an online store – where you can purchase CDs, masks, T-shirts. Rewind… (more…)

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