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Music Journalist/Photographer Steve Caraway Passes


On July 12, music journalist and photographer Steve Caraway died of natural causes in his home in Sparks, Nevada; he was 67. In a career that spanned five decades, he worked for several magazines, on staff and as a freelancer. In the mid ’70s, he served as Guitar Player magazine’s ad director, assistant editor, art director, […]

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Johnny Marr

Brit Gets a Git

When pop-music fans in the U.K. talk about guitar heroes, they tend to put more stake in the way a player’s work fits, contextually, into that of his band. To wit, in a 2006 poll, BBC listeners were asked to choose the best guitarist to emerge since 1980, and many of the 30,000 who responded […]

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VG Team Josie Winners Receive John Page Classic Guitars


Christopher Burke, Roslindale, Massachusetts, and Brian Lovely, Columbus, Ohio, recently took delivery of the John Page Classic Ashburn guitars they won in this year’s American Cancer Society/Team Josie Relay for Life raffle. “The attention to detail in the fittings and finish is immediately evident,” said Burke. “Cosmetically, it’s just perfect – same with the fretwork.  […]

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Rich Robinson Slates Tour


Rich Robinson, guitarist, songwriter, and co-founder of The Black Crowes, is set to embark on a solo – mostly acoustic – tour with five guitars, including a newly restored Guild 12-string, two vintage parlor models, a jumbo, and a Teye electric. Robinson will perform material from his (more…)

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Santa Cruz Guitar Launches Brad Paisley Signature Model


Brad Paisley and the Santa Cruz Guitar Company (SCGC) today debuted their Brad Paisley signature guitar. Richard Hoover, owner and founder of SCGC, worked with Paisley to design a guitar based on the company’s Pre-War Dreadnought. The guitar, dubbed the B/PW, honors Paisley’s dedication to the sustainability (more…)

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Southpaw Celebrates 30 Years


Southpaw Guitars, the Houston retailer renowned for catering to left-handed players, is marking 30 years in business. Founded in 1980 by Jim Duncan and Bill Townsend, the store was first called Trader’s Corner Guitars. In 1982, it moved to the city’s Bellaire area and soon after was was given its current name. “One of every […]

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Joe Satriani

Creativity and Chaos

Calling any player “the hardest working guitarist in the business” is rather like referring to one as the “best guitarist” – do it, and you’re just asking for trouble. But if output equates to effort, there’s no doubt Joe Satriani works his as… err, fingers off! The rock shredder has been doing what he does […]

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Standard in Custom

Schecter’s Custom Shop Marks 35 Years

Riding high after 35 years with an array of original instruments, an impressive artist roster that started early with Pete Townshend and Mark Knopfler, and a line of high-gain amplifiers, Schecter Guitars has come full circle. Established as Schecter Guitar Research by David Schecter in 1976, the company began repairing guitars and selling parts to […]

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Wampler Pedals Intros Low Blow Bass OD, Latitude Standard Tremolo


Wampler Pedals’ Low Blow bass OD is hand-built in the U.S. and has two clipping modes (Smooth and Jagged), along with three-band EQ, Notch Filter switch, top mounted jacks, soft-click true-bypass switch, and high-grade film capacitors and resistors.

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Recording King, Gruhn to Host Renowned Banjo Designer


Recording King and Gruhn Guitars are teaming up to host banjo designer Greg Rich during a meet and greet July 8 at Gruhn Guitars, 2120 8th Ave. South, Nashville. Rich will answer banjo-related questions, and attendees can win a Recording King Elite Hearts & (more…)

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