Reverend Restores Fire-Damaged Guitar

Doran Connell’s Reverend

Doran Connell’s Challenger as it looked prior to restoration.

Reverend Guitars recently came to the rescue of  Doran Connell, who was the victim of house fire in which he lost nearly everything, including his guitars. Amongst the ruins were Connell’s two charred Reverends – a Charger and a

The headstock of Doran Connell’s Reverend Challenger.

The headstock of Doran Connell’s Reverend Challenger.

Flatroc – which still functioned in spite of their pickup housings having melted and their knobs being fused. Connell shipped the guitars back to Reverened, where guitar tech Zack Green opted to take on the Charger for restoration.

The Challenger after restoration.

The Challenger after restoration.

The guitar’s neck was unplayable and its plastic had melted, but the body and metal hardware simply needed cleaning, so Green scraped and washed the body several times, then sealed it with five coats of clear, leaving it as scorched testament to what the guitar had survived. The tailpiece, control plate, jack plate, Connell headstock finsihed 4and neck plate were also cleaned but left imperfect, and Green replaced the pickups and the neck, giving it a special serial number, with flames, to commemorate the restoration. The guitar was re-named The Phoenix and it was sent back to Connell.

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  1. Tom
    Posted August 1, 2013 at 3:38 pm | Permalink

    talk about a phoenix rising from the ashes! Nice work

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