Amps (left to right): Bugera V5; Fender Blues Jr. NOS; Fender SuperSonic 22 Limited Edition Surf Green; Fishman Loudbox Artist; Vox DA5. Top Row Guitars (left to right): 2007 Rickenbacker 620 custom-modded; 2009 PRS Hollowbody II (10-top) with Starla Pickups and Piezo; 2012 Carvin CT624T in Deep Dragonburst Quilt and Birdseye Maple fretboard; early 1990’s Charvel Surfcaster; Epiphone Korina Explorer. Laying down: Fender Squier Jazz Bass. Bottom Row Guitars (left to right): Seagull S-12; Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster; 2011 Limited Edition Reverend Manta Ray 390; 2009 Rickenbacker 360/12c63 custom ordered in Jetglo; 2008 Gibson Les Paul Robot; Blueridge BR-180.

Arachnid Cabinets
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