Great Wall of Gibson


These iconic Gibsons are suspended using Hercules hanging racks, with support panels custom designed and crafted by yours truly. The 3X racks have a Fender amp vibe, while the ‘sexy cheetah’ is surrounded in a Marshall-esque tolex frame. From left to right: 1959 ES-175, 1964 ES-335, 2012 1st Gen LPC replica, 1974 EDS-1275, 1976 SG Standard (w/ ’64 pre T-tops & ABR-1), 1974 LPC, 2006 Flying V “Retro ’67” (all hardware, T-tops, & electronics are from 1967, body stripped & nitro’d). The amp in the lower left is a 1964 Vox AC30 Top Boost.

Before the storm
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