U of Wisconsin School of Business Recognizes Daisy Rock Founder


Daisy Rock Girl Guitars founder Tish Ciravolo was recently honored as one of the first Searchlight Scholar winners from the Women’s Executive Leadership Summit at the University of Wisconsin School of Business.

"Tish’s work as a woman establishing her own unique company embodies the leadership spirit of the Summit," announced Tammy Thayer, Co-Founder of the Summit. "Her endeavors as a role model and educator for young women thrill not only myself and my fellow founder, Pat Alea, but many of our participants who are both executives and mothers with hopes for the futures of their daughters. We were delighted to recognize Tish’s work and are inspired by her success as a champion for young women."

The award recognizes women who have positively impacted others through the dedication, strength, and passion of their leadership. As Daisy Rock president, Ciravolo is honored for guiding her company to achieve immeasurable success by leading the charge in the girl rock revolution and helping to change the face of the music industry for women.

"I’m so grateful to be honored for our work at Daisy Rock Girl Guitars," remarked Ciravolo. "It’s such a privilege to be a part of something that can inspire girls of all ages to live out their dreams; not just music but in all walks of life."

For more on the Women’s Executive Leadership Summit, visit exed.wisc.edu/womenssummit.

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