Seymour Duncan Liberator Solderless Pickup System


Seymour Duncan announces the debut of LiberatorTM, the first universal Solderless Pickup Change System for guitar and bass. Liberator is a bare-wire Lockdown system integrated with a high-quality volume pot. With a Liberator-equipped volume pot installed, changing pickups no longer requires heating up a soldering gun-you only need a mini screwdriver. Since Liberator doesn’t require proprietary connectors, it works with nearly any manufacturer’s passive pickups.

Pickups play a key role in defining an instrument’s tone, output, responsiveness, and feel, and different pickups can change the character of an instrument entirely. Vintage-style pickups may convey classic warmth or twang while hot-rodded designs can produce much higher output, greater articulation, or enhanced harmonic response. All of these factors combined affect how an individual interacts with his or her instrument. Soldering pickups is an exacting procedure that can be time-consuming for experienced guitar techs and daunting for players who lack soldering skills. With a Liberator volume pot installed in a guitar or bass, replacing pickups becomes a quick and easy process for players and techs alike. Learn more at

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