Tony Holiday

Motel Mississippi
Tony Holiday

Following his two volumes of Porch Sessions collaborations with artists Lurrie Bell, Bobby Rush, Charlie Musselwhite, and the two Kids – Ramos and Andersen – the Memphis-based Holiday presents a fully realized, intriguing collection of originals.

Coming up with new blues material is one of the hardest things to do, but like better-known songs by Robert Cray and Stevie Ray Vaughan, there’s no doubt about Holiday’s blues credentials. But, he isn’t tied to 12-bar changes.

Holiday’s singing and harmonica playing are top-drawer, and benefit from excellent production by A.J. Fullerton and Dave Gross, who also share guitar duties on rhythm and lead, respectively. Engineer Kevin Houston also merits a shout-out.

On Paul “Wine” Jones’ one-chord mantra “Rob and Steal,” Gross comes close to Clapton’s “woman tone” and colors outside the lines with impressive results. On “Just As Gone,” Mississippi six-stringer Aubrey McCrady joins in on slide. “Yazoo River” features “double harmonica” by Holiday and Jake Friel, and “Trouble” borrows the riff from Muddy Waters’ “I Live The Life I Love,” but has a twist with Gross’ out-there lines on wah pedal.

It’s early yet, but this has to be one of the best blues albums of the year.

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