Last Train Home
Foghat Records

FoghatFoghat guitarists “Lonesome” Dave Peverett and Rod Price have both passed on, but the band’s blues-boogie legacy is being carried forward by drummer (and co-founder) Roger Earl and singer/ guitarist Charlie Huhn, who worked with Ted Nugent for many years.

Joined by slideman Bryan Bassett, the new Foghat is bluesier than ever, cranking out roadhouse stompers like “Born for the Road” and “Needle and Spoon.” Another tune, “So Many Roads, So Many Trains,” is an ode to the great minor-blues arrangements of the ’60s, featuring nods to Clapton and Greenie, albeit with some seriously gain-laden guitar solos. The terrific Bassett further cuts loose with hot, greasy slide work on “Last Train Home” and “Shake Your Money Maker.” Along with Huhn’s vocals, he pretty much steals the show.

As an extra perk, 86-year-old harmonica master Eddie “Bluesman” Kirkland guests on two tracks and lends some authentic blues mojo to this stew. The recording is excellent, too, and all the guitar tracks were captured in rapturous, tube-fired glory. By the last track, it’s clear this lineup makes fine rockin’ boogie in the time-honored Foghat tradition. Somewhere, Lonesome Dave is smiling ear to ear.

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