Jackie Greene

'Til the Light Comes
429 Records
Jackie Greene

Jackie GreeneJackie Greene’s music is hypnotic in the way of all good pop-rock. Its strongpoint is finely crafted interplay between guitars and keyboards. His new album is replete with gorgeous layered vocals, and while the lyrics are pretty plain, one is drawn in by the sounds; the Beatles’ influence is obvious, as is a lot of classic rock (though not in “classic-rock radio” sense). It’s a mix of sounds hard to resist.

“Shaky Ground” has crunchy rhythm guitars and a pervasive 12-string line. A double guitar line near the end gives way to Harrison-style slide. “Grindstone” has a downer lyric, but the music and vocals are amazing. Echoing guitar fills drift in and out of the song with ease and a wash of guitar through a wah pedal floats all around the tune. “Temporary Color” is a garage rock stomper with crunchy chords, cheesy organ, and when the song takes a quick break, the bass line from “My Generation” pops in and fits perfectly in every way.

Greene and Tim Bluhm play guitars and co-produce. Their love of stringed instruments is obvious, and Greene pulls out a sitar that fits perfectly on “Spooky Tina” without seeming gratuitous or unneeded. The music of ’Til the Light Comes will stick to your ribs.

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