Peavey VYPYR X2

Small Wonder
Peavey VYPYR X2
Price: $299.99

Continuing its decades-long innovative streak, Peavey’s VYPYR X2 Guitar Modeling Amp brings modern styling, a new open-back cabinet, and re-tooled TransTube technology. There’s also Bluetooth control, audio streaming, and the ability to stream backing tracks into the amp, controlled via remote app.

The original VYPYR was billed as the first “Variable Instrument Performance” amplifier, and the X2 continues with user-friendly pre-sets replicating bass, acoustic guitar, and electric guitar. But it’s the amp models, tones, and effects that bring axe slingers to the party.

The amp is a solid 60-watt 1×12 combo inside a wooden enclosure with black tolex and easy-to-suss controls up top. The main knobs for stompboxes, amp models, and effects are dual-purpose and use LEDs to indicate every setting.

Loud and light at 28 pounds, the VYPYR X2 projects with muscle. The VYPYR X2 offers 26 effects, 10 instrument models, and 36 amp models with monikers like Classic, XXX, 6505, and Budda. A bounty of effects can be easily modified and saved while experimenting with delay and reverb settings. USB and auxiliary inputs, a headphone jack, and a pedal board input are part of the package.

Low-gain, clean, and high-octane saturation settings share a palette with MOOG, violin, and fun seven-string approximations. The amp models put users in the sonic church, and what it might lack in authenticity, it makes up for with quantity. A little patience yields entertaining results; volume levels jump while auditioning amp tones, and while some effects are a bit over-the-top, they are there for the shaping. The bass simulations and high-gain sounds rule, classic cleans are tolerable, and the acoustic 12-string sounds make home recording super easy. Need a busload of nifty guitar sounds in a single amp? Try the VYPYR X2.

This article originally appeared in VG’s November 2022 issue. All copyrights are by the author and Vintage Guitar magazine. Unauthorized replication or use is strictly prohibited.

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