Tone Electronix Animalizzer

Fuzz Feast
Tone Electronix Animalizzer
Price: $265

At first glance, Tone Electonix’s Animalizzer might appear to be a Big-Muff-style fuzz with too many knobs. A closer look is in order…

A Volume control and a three-band EQ get the user wailing out of the gate, but it’s the Pre-Gain and dual Stage controls, each with multiple clipping diode selections, that adjust the amount of low frequency and clipping options. These were designed to sculpt a bevy of sounds, from smooth overdrive to angry mayhem.

The Mid knob is essential for guitarists on either side of the “more midrange versus scooped midrange” debate. Depth controls how much low-end is pushed into the clipping section. Ungodly distortion and fuzz can be summoned. Tweaking the Fuzz knob controls how much boosted signal passes into the clipping stages.

Both silicon and Germanium diodes are at the guitarist’s beck and call, with fully adjustable Pre-Gain and lots of clipping options. Users have control over an EQ that ranges from Eric Johnson’s warm wall of majesty to garage punk night terrors.

The Animalizzer cuts, does the gnarly, uses a 9-volt adapter, and is incredibly musical. It’s a versatile stompbox for boutique-level overdrive, distortion, and fuzz that can be crafted to the user’s whims; spend a little time with it and you’ll discover a fully adjustable, all-in-one grunge machine that produces a feast of dirty sounds.

This article originally appeared in VG’s May 2021 issue. All copyrights are by the author and Vintage Guitar magazine. Unauthorized replication or use is strictly prohibited.

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