Stamey & Holsapple – Mavericks


It’s nice to see this 1991 classic re-released, hopefully to a bigger audience than it did on its original release. In the 1980s, Holsapple and Stamey were charter members of the db’s, which recorded some of the finest music of that era.

“Angels,” with its jangly guitars, pop/rock melodies, and incredible hook is one of the finest singles of the past 20 years. Then, rockers like “I Want to Break Your Heart” combine fat power chords, an amazing solo, and an odd lyric. The ballad “She Was the One” is gorgeous in its folky simplicity. The Beatle-esque folk/rock of “Geometry” offers wonderful guitar playing – electric and acoustic.

Guitars power all songs here, weaving in and out with unexpected phrases and big sounds that never fail; acoustics match the beauty of the voices.

Bonus tracks like the beautiful “Hollywood Waltz” offer a country feel with steel guitar and doesn’t match the pop/rock ethos of the album as a whole. But it’s a welcome addition, as is the instrumental guitar tune “I Knew You Would,” followed by a short, quick quote from the Beatles’ “Do You Want to Know a Secret.” It’s the perfect way to conclude a masterpiece.

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