Jimmy McIntosh – Orleans to London


At first glance, this record appears odd for a first-call player in Las Vegas. But the title says it all. Not only does it signify where parts of the record were recorded, it also points to the players and the music as McIntosh is joined by members of the Neville Brothers and on several cuts by Rolling Stone guitarist Ronnie Wood. It’s a perfect blend.

Half of the songs here are make-you-move funk, which isn’t surprising when Ivan Neville is on keyboards,”Mean” Willie Green plays drums, and Cyril Neville is on percussion. There’s beauty in the ease with which the band’s groove allows Jimmy to play. For instance, “Biker Babe” is a slinky funk where he slips into fusion changes, soloing throughout with a big, fat tone before breaking into bends that’d make Albert King proud, then a little octave lick. It’s the perfect example of everything good about his playing, showing his skill, taste, and versatility. That formula works well on other cuts here, like the hard funk of “A.K.A. Papa Funk” with nasty soloing and soaring, soulful leads. “Rogent” is a jazzy ballad that builds and builds until we have several guitars meshing. One of those guitars is McIntosh, another is Ronnie Wood, and the other is attributed only to “Hot Rod.”

Speaking of songs building, there’s a cover of Hendrix’ “Third Stone From the Sun” with 10 minutes of wild wang-bar sounds.

In all, this is one fine guitar ride. And with the players involved, everything is so in the pocket you can’t help but move your feet. The mix of funk and fusion would make a fine addition to any guitar recording library.

This article originally appeared in VG‘s Jun ’07 issue. All copyrights are by the author and Vintage Guitar magazine. Unauthorized replication or use is strictly prohibited.

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