Reverend Drivetrain Overdrive

Authentic crunch, Ry Cooder to AC/DC
Authentic crunch, Ry Cooder to AC/DC

The new overdrive pedal from the canny folk at Reverend Musical Instruments is cleverly named the Drivetrain Overdrive, and it weighs in at a mere pound or so.

Overdrives and distortion devices are becoming more focused, and this box is no exception – great package, with an ergonomic square box (none of these silly little rectangles that won’t stay upright), and a variety of finishes – our test unit was a glossy black, although the aluminum brushed finish is quite nice. Ours was a prototype, and the latest versions are more noise-free (if that’s possible – it made no noise).

Features include pots for drive, treble, bass, and volume (no dip switches here) and the operation is by 9-volt battery or approved adapter. Reverend president/brain Joe Naylor has seen fit to provide an information sheet that includes not only sample settings (ranging from blues through rock), but helpful suggestions on using the Drivetrain for bass players, and in the already overdriven amp, for an “over-the-top” sound.

The tone of our Gretsch Country Junior through a late-’60s Twin was twangy and shimmering, but drop in the Drivetrain, and watch out! Even the slightest crunch is an authentic, in-your-face sound that mirrors an early Deluxe at 8, and further increments of drive and tone bring a whole spectrum of sound, from AC/DC fat rock to slink, subtle Ry Cooder…very flexible.

Contact Reverend at 27300 Gloede, Unit D, Warren, MI 48093, or e-mail them at The website is quite browsable and located at

Reverend Drivetrain
Type of Effect: Overdrive
Features: Metal housing, AC/DC operation, pots for drive, treble, bass, and volume. One-year warranty.
Price: $269
Contact: Reverend Musical Instruments, 27300 Gloede, Unit D, Warren, MI 48093, or e-mail them at reverendmu@

This review originally appeared in VG‘s May ’01 issue.

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