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Tuki Tough Stuff
Tuki Tough Stuff

Tuki Covers has been around since 1986, developing ever-better ways to protect various musical equipment from the many hazards that accompany real-word, professional use. The company started with – and is still best-known for – its amplifier covers.

The current line features custom-made covers with two choices of materials – a heavy vinyl that simulates leather, or the more durable DuPont Cordura. The vinyl version (Tuki calls it Vintage Vinyl) has a soft inner lining that, while it won’t scratch, chip, or otherwise deface any part of the amp, also won’t protect as well as a the 1/2″ foam-padded Cordura.

Our test mule is a padded Cordura unit from Tuki’s ProSoft line that has spent a few months in active duty playing bodyguard for a Marshall head that sees combat pretty much every weekend. And it has earned its stripes while showing nary a mark!

While most guitarists treat their amps with better care than, say, PA speakers typically receive, the Tuki does offer considerable piece of mind by eliminating the worry of having the “little things” mysteriously occur – be they torn/gashed tolex or a broken/missing knob and the accompanying dent in the faceplate.

Apart from the practically indestructible Cordura material (which Dupont says offers three times the durability of polyester, and four times that of polypropylene – a.k.a. the thin plastic “cover” that often accompanies new amps) all seams and stitching are heavy-duty and very neatly finished. Seams are “blind-stiched,” so there is no excess material or threading exposed. A look inside reveals the padding, which is securely bonded to the Cordura. Professional all the way around.

And the Cordura is also water resistant, thus offering further piece of mind when you have to leave gear unattended in the bar (special bonus – the flat black texture also offers good camouflage compared to the big, bright, white Marshall logo!).

Perhaps the only piece of the cover that could wear out is the Velcro strap that cinches the cover across the bottom of the amp – but that’s an extremely minor detail.

New Tuki

The latest edition to Tuki’s line of headache-reducing stuff is the Cord Folio, which is a simple concept that is well-executed here.

The Cord Folio is an attaché case-sized soft bag that opens wide to neatly store guitar cords, power cords, mic cables, wall warts, strings, and even stompboxes and tuners.

Hear ye all players who hate cords! You will especially like the eight Velcro loops inside that help secure all things that might tangle, twist, or otherwise annoy. Very handy, and made of Imperial’s polyester/vinyl blend with soft, scratch-free nylon interior.

Tuki Covers

Type: Custom-fit cover for most amplifier styles and sizes.

Features: Made of heavy-duty vinyl or DuPont Cordura, and available with or without foam pad. Heavy-duty seam stitching.

Price: Padded, $63 to $135. Standard (non-padded Cordura) and Vinyl, $42 to $86.

Contact: Tuki Covers, 5060 Coosaw Creek Blvd., North Charleston, SC 29420. Call 1-800-344-8854, or see www.tukicovers.com.

This review originally appeared in VG‘s Mar. ’01 issue.

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