The NAMM Show

January 25-28, 2018
The NAMM Show
Anaheim Convention Center, 800 W Katella Ave., Anaheim, CA • (760) 438-8001 •
Vintage Guitar is a proud member of NAMM.

VG will be there Thursday through Sunday posting photos/videos and info on all the great new stuff. Follow us on Facebook and enjoy! Attending NAMM? Stop by booth 2845 and visit with us!

RJ over at Flying Mo-Jo has some seriously cool pedals and A-List players. I guess if your going to have the word mojo in your company’s name, you better bring it!
Ken Hass of Reverend Guitars at #TheNAMMShow

Checking out the Santa Cruz “Catfish Special” Single O. Beautiful!

Checking out the OX Amp Top Box. Cool guitar recording system.

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