Randy Bachman

Even More Business (to take care of)
Even More Business (to take care of)

Of the legendary rock guitarists who also have admirable guitar collections, it’s hard to imagine anyone who’s been more busy gathering than Randy Bachman.

In the decade since his first interview, Bachman (he of Guess Who and Bachman-Turner Overdrive fame) has recorded numerous albums, marketed several recordings by his late friend and mentor, jazz guitarist Lenny Breau, and participated in a Guess Who reunion. Then there was the migration of the Bachman family to an island west of Vancouver (Bachman dubbed it “Canada’s Hawaii”), Bachman’s life story in book form (written with John Einarson), a tour with Ringo Starr’s All-Starr Band, and last but not least, an appearance on “The Simpsons.”

In his first appearance in this magazine in ’92, Bachman was planning a solo album and a Bachman-Turner Overdrive 20th anniversary tour and CD boxed set. However, things worked out differently.

“Most musicians are the same,” the guitarist said. “Basically, you have plans, and you need a target for things you need to do, but that changes with the next phone call!

“I’d been reminiscing about my life, and had written a song called ‘Prairie Town,’ which mentioned growing up in Winnipeg… and Neil Young. I got a fax from Larry Cragg, who’s been Neil’s guitar tech for a long time, asking if I had any screw-on tips for Gretsch three-way switches. I have all kinds; gold, silver, and brass. So I sent him a couple of each, and just for fun, I put the lyrics to ‘Prair

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